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  • HttpClient in Unity

    On a code review of some Unity code where HttpClient was being used, a comment was made to “Consider using HttpClientFactory”. Those three words resulted in many hours of intrigue and frustration, which I will document here.

  • Certificates and OpenSSL

    OpenSSL is a useful tool for working with certificates, however its usage is often obscure and challenging to get right. This is a cheat sheet for common operations.

  • Debugging ASP.NET Core in VS 2019

    This post details how I built ASP.NET Core 5 locally for much richer debugging of my web app, allowing me to step seamlessly through my code and the ASP.NET product code.

  • Manifest-free ETW in C++

    ETW is a great technology when all the stars line up, but various iterations over time have had various limitations, and it often isn’t the easiest technology to work with.

  • Minimal Node.js native modules - N-API

    This is a continuation from part 1. It is recommended to read this post first.

  • Minimal Node.js native modules - the CRT

    I recently wanted to author a Node.js native module for inclusion into an application that only runs on Windows. I wanted to keep the size and dependencies as small as possible. I hit numerous pain-points. This is my journey.

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