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  • Streaming large blobs through ASP.NET

    Recently I spent way too much time with a colleague digging into an issue that occurred on one of our services that serves largely static content through an ASP.NET Core service. The service is a required intermediary in order to check authentication and do some other logic. It had been working fine for months with the assets we had, but suddenly starting failing with some larger downloads.

  • HttpClient in Unity

    On a code review of some Unity code where HttpClient was being used, a comment was made to “Consider using HttpClientFactory”. Those three words resulted in many hours of intrigue and frustration, which I will document here.

  • Certificates and OpenSSL

    OpenSSL is a useful tool for working with certificates, however its usage is often obscure and challenging to get right. This is a cheat sheet for common operations.

  • Debugging ASP.NET Core in VS 2019

    This post details how I built ASP.NET Core 5 locally for much richer debugging of my web app, allowing me to step seamlessly through my code and the ASP.NET product code.

  • Manifest-free ETW in C++

    ETW is a great technology when all the stars line up, but various iterations over time have had various limitations, and it often isn’t the easiest technology to work with.

  • Minimal Node.js native modules - N-API

    This is a continuation from part 1. It is recommended to read this post first.

  • Minimal Node.js native modules - the CRT

    I recently wanted to author a Node.js native module for inclusion into an application that only runs on Windows. I wanted to keep the size and dependencies as small as possible. I hit numerous pain-points. This is my journey.

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